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Oct 2023

US Extremely Large Telescope Program Receives $15.3 Million from the National Science Foundation

Dec 2022–Feb 2023

NSF Preliminary Design Reviews for the GMT and TMT contributions to US-ELTP 

Dec 2021

NOIRLab software scope, including requirements and architecture successfully reviewed

Nov 2021

The Decadal Survey for Astronomy and Astrophysics ranks the US-ELTP as the highest ground-based priority

Aug 2020

Submission of “Planning and Design for a US Extremely Large Telescope Program” proposal to the National Science Foundation

Feb 2020

The US-ELTP presents technical readiness to the Astro2020 survey panel

July 2018

Invitation to participate in the US-ELTP Key Science Program development issued 

July 2018

First meeting of the NOIRLab US-ELTP Advisory Committee

May 2018

Formation of the US Extremely Large Telescope Program (US-ELTP)